I’m really glad that you’ve made it to this page and I hope that you received an impression, not only of myself as a human but also of my approach to wedding photography. If you had a good feeling in your gut while looking at the photos and reading the texts and you felt a connection, you definitely have to message me. Because then we will spend an incredible time together and experience a huge adventure. You can easily get in touch via mail (hey@yannickzurflueh.li), phone (0041 78 738 02 31) or just use the contact form. I would love to hear your big plans and of course something about you. Preferably, just tell me who you are, what you love doing, what’s characterizing you and what are your intentions for your wedding day; basically everything I absolutely have to know. I’m really looking forward to your message and an unforgettable time in our lives. See you soon!