Prolog. When Natalie and Beat messaged me, saying they wanted to invite Martina and me, because they had to tell us something, there were only two possibilities; either Natalie was pregnant or they’re getting married. And as you probably assume, the latter was true. But nobody – truly nobody – except us knew about their wedding before us, because at first they wanted to hear our opinion about their plans of doing everything a little bit different than usual. Puh. What an honor! What followed was an extensive brainstorming with excellent support of their self brewed craft beer. But what they actually needed, weren’t ideas, but only the encouragement to do it exactly the way they wanted to. Without giving a shit about traditions and a-wedding-should-actually-look-like-this-or-that-phrases. And what should I say, they really rocked it!

Ohana. Coming from the word oha, which is a highly revered taro plant, ohana signifies that no matter how distantly ancient Hawaiians were related, they all come from the same root and thus are all part of the same family. So ohana means family in an extended sense of the term, including not only blood-related, but also friends or simply people you like to have around you. Mostly every Sunday, when all people of the ohana usually come together to have BBQ and a nice afternoon. And I think this couldn’t fit any better to Natalie and Beat’s wedding, since they’re deeply connected to the Hawaiian culture and even got engaged in Hawaii, and didn’t want the wedding to be only about them, but about and for their whole ohana.

Festival. According to Wikipedia, a festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and centering on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or traditions. All right, so every wedding is actually a festival. But Natalie and Beat did definitely go a few steps further, since they’re extremely passionate about good music, live concerts and rock festivals all over the world. They organized their very own music festival and flew in the amazingly talented Niall Murray from Handsome Handsome (Ireland), Conor O’Rourke, Richard Jackobs, both from England and Prinz Grizzley form Austria who played gigs all day long with a jam session as a capstone. And damn, they blew everone’s minds. Seriously, go and listen to them all, they’re absolutely fantastic! But that wasn’t all. After a beautiful Hawaiian ceremony at noon, the ohana could enjoy a booth with floral wreaths or lei in Hawaiian, Hula Hoop workshops and performances, an instax photobooth and a whole ton of amazing craft beer. But most importantly: An incredibly cozy atmosphere with absolutely no pressure and rush at all but with a lot of love, fun and affection. A true ohana festial.

Epilog. This part is dedicated to Natalie and Beat. You guys are simply amazing and I’m grateful to have you as friends. Your wedding with everything before and after, the countless beers, good talks, laughter and warm embraces was an unforgettable adventure that I will definitely keep safe in my heart. Thank you!

PS. The amazing song that you are probably listening to  right now (if not, make sure you do so) became quickly one of my most listened songs ever and is called In Darkness by Handsome Handsome. At this place, a special thanks to Niall, it was an awesome time with you.