Wedding Photographer Stockholm

A story full of spontaneity and adventuresomeness

We were the only ones in this warm and welcoming room with walls entirely made of wood, full of old photos and paintings only litten by the window next to us. In our hands a piece of self made bread according to an old Polish recipe of Viktor’s family, brought to us by his brother. And all around us a very special atmosphere full of peace and silence that let us forget the busy world outside. It was truly the perfect place to get to know Luminita and Viktor’s very special story which is characterized by spontaneity and a tad of adventuresomeness.

It all began a bit more than a year ago in Barcelona where destiny entered their lives and brought them together one evening. While Viktor didn’t realize yet that she could be the woman of his life, it was all over for her. Instantly, she fell in love and knew that she had to see him again, once they separated after flying back. So only soon after they met again. This time, Luminita flew over to Asia just to meet Viktor again and travel to Thailand with him. And there it happend. Not only did they become a couple, they even got engaged a few weeks later just before flying back home, which is one of the craziest and definitely fastest engagement stories I’ve ever heard. But spontaneity didn’t stop there. Another few weeks later, Luminita moved from Romania to Sweden, were they have been living since then but already with plans in their minds to move to another country soon. Then probably as husband and wife, since they’re planning to get married in Greece this year, even though they’ve never been there before. Gosh, I can’t tell you how funny as well as inspiring the whole afternoon with Luminita and Viktor was. These guys know how to live life and how to go with their own flow. Without fear or hesitation. Can’t wait to see them again, probably real soon now in Greece. Or maybe somewhere else on this planet. Who knows.