Vintage Garden Wedding Switzerland


Do you know these moments when you know from the very first moment that things will fall into place just perfectly? Well, exactly that happened when I first met Romy and Yannick. Or even before when I got their inquiry because they invited me to coffee, beer or wine; exactly as written on my website at that time. Of course this could be called peanuts and for many people this wouldn’t matter at all but to me it’s huge because I immediately had a really, really good gut feeling. And I wasn’t wrong. It clicked right form the beginning and we got along with each other like we’ve been friends for a really long time.

When I was driving to Gottlieben at the morning of the wedding with Martina I knew that an awesome day laid ahead of us. And once again, I was right. It was a super relaxed wedding day on a beautiful Saturday in September with so many lovely details, great food, awesome people, a great laid-back atmosphere and at least as many tears as bowties. The ceremony itself took place under a huge tree in the garden of the Seeburg Castle in Kreuzlingen and suited both of them just perfectly. And us. All in all it was another unforgettable day in our lives and we not only shot a wedding but made new friends. Thanks so much for that.