Fall, Swiss mountains, one thousand and seven hundred meters over the sea, less than three degrees, cloudy and stormy weather, an absolutely gorgeous couple and an awesome wedding party. As a person who loves a bit colder and cloudy days I really couldn’t ask for more. Okay, probably for one or two degrees because it was damn cold during the ceremony. And I even wore a jacket. Lea didn’t. And she didn’t complain about it. Exactly to my taste. However, the weather and especially the cold were unable to harm anybody and the decision to celebrate outdoors at a lovely place behind the hotel was absolutely perfect.

The ceremony, held by a friend of Lea and Stefan, was very personal and emotional and yes, from time to time I was teary-eyed too. The rest of the day was characterized by joy, warmth and laughter whereby the cold was easily defied. A little bit later that day during dusk Lea, Stefan and I went out for probably ten minutes to snap a few frames and the mood and light and everything were just incredible. I could have spent hours out there freezing in the cold. But ten minutes were totally fine (everything else wouldn’t match my approach to wedding photography because I believe that time with family and friends matters more than time for portraits). However, I’m still blown away from those minutes on top of the hotel’s tower with an epic view over the mountains slowly getting dark. Back in the hotel, it was time for an incredible delicious dinner and outstanding wine and champagne (especially brought by themselves from Champagne, France). A bit later not only one but three DJ’s fired up the entire room and people danced like crazy. Awesome! And a perfect ending of the wedding season two thousand and sixteen.