As much as I love raw nature and roaming around in the wild in places where I’ve never been before with dirty boots and wet coats, I have always been kind of excited or curious about old industrial buildings. Probably it’s just another quirk of mine, but somehow I love that dirt on the ground, that dust in the air, that strange smell in the nose and overall that mystical atmosphere arose over many decades. I’ve even played around with the thought about getting married in such an old factory building. But, Sandy and Daniel were faster and that’s great. Because not only was I super excited about their big day in an old concrete plant, but funny enough it felt a little bit like planning my own wedding.

Sandy and Daniel are an amazing – and when it comes to weddings – very special and nontraditional couple. I mean, first of all, they wanted to get married in the Nova Brunnen area, an empty concrete plant with a lot of dust and dirt, and without electricity and toilets. But with a lot of space to create something very unique and special. Means perfect conditions for Sandy as an incredibly talented florist as well as for some very spontaneous people that decorated the whole building pretty much freestyle a couple of days before the wedding day. Sandy, her mom and a lot of friends of them created something truly amazing and transformed that old factory building into one of the most beautiful wedding venues I’ve ever been to. However, what they couldn’t expect was the lovely Swiss weather. It was at the end of April and the weather report actuallywasn’t that bad, but yet it started to snow and the temperature fell below zero degrees. And as beautiful and pleasant as such buildings are when it’s hot outside, as freezing cold they are when it’s snowy, because it’s basically just some non-isolated concrete walls with a lot of open windows. So without hesitation, Daniel quickly organized some mushroom heaters on Friday night to heat up that cold concrete block at least a little bit.

Let’s skip forward to the wedding day which was one of the most relaxed and uncomplicated I’ve ever had. Sandy and Daniel got dressed in a nearby hotel room within less than ten minutes, where Daniel spontaneously decided what he wanted to wear at his wedding. Afterwards, the only set point on the schedule was at four in the afternoon – the opening of the building. The rest was – as mentioned before – super relaxed, with great food, cool drinks, some snowball fights, a concert by the amazing Mark Amacher, an amazing party, some crazy dancing and a lovely ceremony somewhere in between. Everything at the same space without any further schedule. But with a lot of love and affection that heat up that building on an instant.

All in all, it was an unforgettable day that showed me once again what’s possible with imagination, creativity and will. So thank you very much Sandy and Daniel for letting me a part of your big day, it was on honor.




All right. This is part two of the amazing industrial wedding of Sandy and Daniel, and this time it’s about nothing else than the two of them and their love. Thereby, I could probaly write dozens of sentences about why I am separating the wedding documentary and the bridal portraits based on my approach to wedding photography. But truth is, I had a really hard time culling Sandy’s and Daniel’s story. The wedding documentary alone resulted in actually way too many photos because I’m really connected to them personally. The same applies to the following bridal portraits taken in an old factoring building next to the wedding location. And you can’t imagine how dirty and dusty it was and how Sandy and Daniel owned it. They are true rockstars when it comes to not giving a fuck about dirty boots and messy hair. Without any vanity and concernes, they followed me to the very last corners of the building which made me the happiest wedding phtographer alive. It was a truly special and somehow magical time we spent in the dust and I’m once again overwhelmed by the trust my couples put in me. I really don’t take this for granted. So Sandy and Daniel, thanks again for your straightforwardness, the amazing time with you and this extraordinary adventure we experience together. I won’t forget it.