Destination Wedding Villa Oliviero Positano


To be honest, I don’t have any clue what to write. After five amazing days together with Kristina and Pascal in Positano, there is simply too much to tell and most of it wouldn’t describe our adventure not anywhere near. However, I’m trying to write down some little episodes wishing that you will get kind of an idea what we experienced on this day and how special it was.

One. As you know, sometimes everything possible happens at once. And in the case of Kristina and Pascal that was literally it. All of it. Not only that some of the guests were sick before the wedding. Both mothers were in hospital, one of Kristina’s bridesmaids broke her spine and wasn’t even allowed to travel. On top of all that, one of Pascal’s groomsmen had one foot amputated a few months before. And no, I am not kidding. But against all odds they all came!

Two. The Villa the wedding took place at provided an amazing view all over Positano and the ocean. But that also meant that it was located pretty high up in Positano. We soon found out that the few steps and the employees who should have carried up all the luggage to the villa were not quite what happened. In the end we walked up the five hundreds (at least it felt like) steps up and down for four times. Being completely exhausted we first cooled down in the pool and with a shower for everyone.

Three. During reception Kristina was asked whether Martina and I were there as friends or as photographers. She immediately said: As friends! Although we only met twice before. But yes, we are friends now and it did not feel like work at all.

Four.  As a surprise Pascal sang the German song “Lieblingsmensch” at the ceremony for his bride to be. I have to admit that I was teary-eyed myself, but when I looked left I saw Martina weeping so much she even got a tissue from one of the guests. Afterwards we both needed a minute to calm down and recover a bit before we were able to continue shooting.

Five. One reason for getting married in Positano was the nice weather. Kristina and Pascal badly wanted as much sun as possible and Pascal was checking the weather app literally all the time (he even started to check it about one year before the wedding). And we had sun. At least during the day for the ceremony, the reception and most of the main items on the agenda. But just as people started dancing to the first song thick water drops were starting to fall on the dance floor. Oh my, that was bound to happen. And it wasn’t just rain, no. We witnessed a once in a lifetime thunderstorm that hardly anybody experienced in Positano before. In a rather fast manner, we decided that it would probably be a bit more cozy inside and moved into the villa. Outside the roof awning filled up with water so much that one of the employees slashed it open. On top of that we had several complete blackouts in the villa so that we lightened it up with candles. However, it’s just the luck of draw and we made the best out of it. So the party equally went on. Just a bit wetter.

Six. When candles were burning all around and it got really cozy suddenly a bouquet on top of a wooden commode was on fire. Lightning-fast Kristina reacted and threw a beer all over the bouquet. And the commode. But just as she wanted to clean it up one of here favorite songs was played and as a result, the wooden commode was still riddled with beer the next morning.

Seven. Apropos next morning. The employees told Kristina that the villa looked devastated as never before. Actually this only supports the fact that it was an epic night.

Eight. We planned to do an after wedding shoot anywhere at the Amalfi Coast or even on top of the Mount Vesuvius. But when we met a day after the wedding we quickly realized that nothing will come of it. Kristina’s dress was completely black on the left side. But there’s more to come. While Pascal was telling his mother in law how much he loved her, he placed his ass slowly on the wedding cake. Besides, his originally white shirt became red because the bowtie bleeded and last but not least when Pascal tried to undress Kristina the only way it worked out was with a strong tear. It definitely helped but all the buttons on Kristina’s wedding dress were gone too.

Nine. I just realized how much I already wrote and definitely have to come to an end now. So this is the last episode. Two days after the wedding Kristina and Pascal drove on to the next village for their honeymoon. Thus we went out for dinner with Leander (which officiated a beautiful ceremony), Kristina’s parents and her grandmother recalling our great experience. We spent a last casual evening in Positano and hugged each other with tearful eyes when having to say goodbye. Because we knew that an extraordinary story came to an end.

Dear Kristina, dear Pascal and all the others who were present. Thank you very much for everything! It was an incredible time with you and I’m sure that we wrote a little bit of history together.