I truly believe that wedding photography isn’t just about nice pictures. It’s about moments. And moments become memories, memories become stories and stories become legacy. So it’s not only about a beautiful portrait of you standing in a stunning landscape. It’s about the glaze in the eyes of your grandchildren looking at your wedding photos taken fifty years ago. It’s about turning eighty together, holding each other’s hands and refreshing all those memories of your big day while saying “Yeah, we made it!”. And it’s about the end of the story when death leaves one of you alone. What matters the most then aren’t belongings or reputation, but memories of moments you experienced together, and photographs of these moments. This is my inner belief and what drives me. Not only in wedding photography but in my whole life. So let’s connect and write a little bit of history together.



At the very beginning of our adventure we always meet. If possible in person, if not via Skype, Facetime or whatever you want as long as we have enough time and a comfortable atmosphere. Probably with a glass of wine. Or a beer. Or a Whisky. Or a Gin. I don’t really care as I love all these tasty things. What’s most important at this point isn’t any businessy stuff but simply getting to know each other as deeply as possible. There has to be an immediate connection between us and we have to get a feeling of “Heck yeah! This is gonna be awesome!”. If not, we’re just not made for each other and that’s okay. Because I’m not for everybody and neither are you. Only if it fits perfectly and we become at least kind of friends we will spend an amazing time together and experience an unforgettable adventure.



Every wedding is as unique as you are, so I don’t want to photograph your wedding day like every other before. I want to recreate your individual story with moments that matter the most. Moments like the pure excitement when you see each other for the first time. The teardrop on your father’s cheek during the ceremony. The warm hugs and kisses from your best friends. The moment you just can’t stop laughing at the party. And of course the moment in which your wedding cake falls on the ground, in which you realize that you forgot the rings and the moments when you totally destroy your dress. Because these are all moments that matter.

My aim is to capture all these little instants right the way they happen. In a close, honest and personal way to create the story of your wedding day not only how it looked but how it felt. Therefore I really don’t want to be just another vendor on your wedding. I want to be there as a companion, a guest, a friend. I want to cry when you cry and I want to laugh when you laugh. And I want you to feel entirely comfortable, because it’s your day, not mine.