Jingjing stood in the middle of a loud, busy and crowded hall with people running around hectically. Alone and tired. It was her first time in the States and even tough she was looking forward to get to know her new university, the mere thought of travelling with nobody at her side and beeing all on her own was frightening. But then, all of a sudden, there was this guy in the middle of thousands of people. And their eyes met. At least for that one second, before they lost sight. With a strange feeling of having found and lost another person within a single glimpse, she walked to the exit and expected this to never happen again. But life had other plans.

After she found her name on a carboard held by an associate of the university, she saw another one: Dawei. And as soon as he came across, she realized that it was that mysterious guy she shortly met before. Immediately there was this feeling again and her heart beat faster. But more than a hesitant “hello” didn’t come out of their mouths. However, with the help of the associate, they soon realized that they’re born in the same province in China, were the same age and went to the same places with friends. But never met before.

This was the beginning of something great and just another example, that sometimes you have to go far away to find what’s actually laying in front of you. Shortly after, Jingjing and Dawei moved into the same appartement and became not only a couple but best friends. And this way beyond their time in the States. Back in China, they became selfemployed with one of the biggest internet gaming cafés in their province even though they both don’t play games at all. Their biggest passion is and willl always be travelling. And this is how our paths crossed in the heart of Switzerland.

After we had breakfast together, where we got to know each other for the first time in person, we went for a little walk through the streets of Lucerne, before we drove further to Grindelwald. The lift took us to more than two thousand meters above sea level with a spectactular view of the Swiss mountains, partly covered in dark clouds. It was that kind of magical atmosphere that I could die for with a mix of sun and clouds and fog. And nobody else in sight. Jingjing and Dawei truly could not have chosen a better place for their elopement and even tough they have been to many places all over the world before, they haven’t seen anything comparable to this. Probably that’s the reason why we totally forgot the time up in the mountains and suddently realized that we had only a few minutes left until the last ride. So we literally took our feet in our hands and ran like crazy over the Tissot Cliff Walk back to the top station and made it to the very last gondola.

All in all, we spent an amazing time together, beginning with the breakfast and our walk in Lucerne over their very intimate elopement and the adventure we all experienced together and ending with a dinner and a really cozy evening. It was that kind of day that I like the most. So dear Jingjing, dear Dawei, thank you very much for letting me be part of this little chapter in your life. May the photographs preserve it forever.