The word Caldera is strongly related to a volcanic explosion. Apart from being reminiscent of the Santorini volcano, it’s also seen as the symbol of an explosion of knowledge and the strong emotional bonds that can be created between different people around the world that share the common passion to tell stories. Attending many workshops in the past years, I got to know a lot of people, some of them I even call friends now, filled up my head with a whole ton of inspiration and simply experienced unforgettable adventures. And all in all, the path I’ve been walking as a photographer as well as a human, was definitely shaped by these workshops in some way. That’s why I feel extremely honored to be a speaker myself at a new upcoming workshop in Santorini in May 2018. Together with seven amazingly talented wedding photographers and videographers, I’m going to share all the knowledge I have about.. everything. And you can’t imagine how excited I am to talk, shoot, drink and party with you in Greece! Find every bit of information needed as well as the registration on and let me know if you have some questions. Can’t wait to go on that adventure with you!