Once in a while there are moments in which our daily life becomes routine. When we’re doing the same things over and over again. We’re walking the same paths, visiting the same places and meeting the same people. Thereby it happens way too often that we don’t see the beauty of everyday life anymore and overlook the little things that make every single day unique. This changes immediately once you leave this routine. When you’re thousands or even hundreds of miles away from home, plunging into adventures and gaining totally new experiences by just living for the day.

I love to do exactly that and leave the daily routine as often as I can. So whenever it’s possible I jump on a plane, a car, a boat, a train or a bus. Or I walk. As long as I keep moving forward. This is what truly makes me happy besides capturing moments on weddings and the connection of couples anywhere else. Combining both passions is kind of the ultimate for me. So when our paths cross anywhere in the world or you have great plans for your big day at an stunning place, let me know. I would love to go on an adventure together.



01 2019 Seefeld, Austria
02 2019 Andermatt, Switzerland
02 2019 Hamburg, Germany
02 2019 Frankfurt, Germany
02 2019 Marrakech, Morocco
03 2019 Agadir, Morocco
03 2019 Cologne, Germany
04 2019 Praslin, Seychelles
07 2019 South Tyrol, Italy
08 2019 Innsbruck, Austria
08 2018 Verona, Italy
11 2019 Berlin, Germany
11 2019 Antalya, Turkey



01 2018 Sydney, Australia
01 2018 Melbourne, Australia
01 2018 Roadtrip Tasmania
03 2018 Dresden, Germany
05 2018 Santorini, Greece
06 2018 Stockholm, Sweden
06 2018 Tessaloniki, Greece
06 2018 Barcelona, Spain
07 2018 Dresden, Germany
08 2018 Tuscany, Italy
08 2018 Interlaken, Switzerland
08 2018 London, Great Britain
08 2018 Ellmau, Austria
08 2018 Amalfi Coast, Italy
09 2018 Cologne, Germany
10 2018 Vienna, Austria
11 2018 Lisbon, Portugal
12 2018 Goa, India