Probably since elementary school I wanted to have a big house, a lot of cars, even more money and of course as much power as possible. Basically, I wanted to become kind of the next Bill Gates. For that reason I started to study economics and business administration at one of the best business school in the world. And damn, I was totally that kind of businessy, high-flying, I’m-going-to-an-elite-university-type-of-guy. Until photography came into my life and my mindset completely changed. Things I’ve always believed to be important – like belongings and all that money-stuff – became almost dispensable. Instead things like living a happy life and having a job that has a real value in this world became more important. That’s why I finally dropped out of universtiy and became a full time wedding photographer. And heck yeah – this was by far the best decision of my life!



I love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. The first sip when it’s still darned hot. I love listening to music. Singing out loud and dancing around stupidly. I love just running off. Without having a plan and knowing whereto. I love to travel the world and discover new places. To marvel and to ground myself. I love being spontaneous. To venture and experience adventures. I love summer rain. Running through big raindrops and feeling them on my skin. I love being right in the middle of a moment. Enjoying life without thinking of tomorrow. I love meeting new people. Hearing their stories and telling their stories. I love having good talks that let you forget the time. Without even noticing. I love being happy. Having fun and laughing out loud. Together and about myself. I love the possibilities of our life. The gifts it makes and the doors it opens. Day by day. Night by night. And I love capturing all these moments. Very close and honest. For ever.