All right. This is part two of the amazing industrial wedding of Sandy and Daniel, and this time it’s about nothing else than the two of them and their love. Thereby, I could probaly write dozens of sentences about why I am separating the wedding documentary and the bridal portraits based on my approach to wedding photography. But truth is, I had a really hard time culling Sandy’s and Daniel’s story. The wedding documentary alone resulted in actually way too many photos because I’m really connected to them personally (read their whole story here). The same applies to the following bridal portraits taken in an old factoring building next to the wedding location. And you can’t imagine how dirty and dusty it was and how Sandy and Daniel owned it. They are true rockstars when it comes to not giving a fuck about dirty boots and messy hair. Without any vanity and concernes, they followed me to the very last corners of the building which made me the happiest wedding phtographer alive. It was a truly special and somehow magical time we spent in the dust and I’m once again overwhelmed by the trust my couples put in me. I really don’t take this for granted. So Sandy and Daniel, thanks again for your straightforwardness, the amazing time with you and this extraordinary adventure we experience together. I won’t forget it.