Denmark Wedding Photographer - Romo Elopement




Alright, this ain’t gonna be easy. Because mostly all of what I have to tell you, is about feelings deep inside me. But let’s start at the beginning. When Björn told me late last year in Hamburg that he was going to host a workshop together with Sergej somewhere in the North, I was totally on fire. And so I immediately shoutetd “Heck yeah! Coun’t me in!” before I even knew any details about the workshop. But it was one of those decisions in my life that are intuitively dead on. And so I spent a couple of unforgettable days with some unbelievably sympatric, open-hearted and just amazing people in Rømø, a small and almost uninhabited island just north of Sylt. We laughed, cried and swore. Drank Gin and philosophized about life till late at night. We discovered the island in all its facets and equally ourselves. And we finally said good bye to newly found friends. But all that by far isn’t enough to explain what we’ve experienced and especially it’s intensity. For this reason I want to share with you a short text I wrote for my team mates a few days later. I really hope that it helps you to at least understand a tiny bit what the see.feel.create. workshop did with me.

“So here I am. In the middle of two hundred people. Alone. I’m looking through the tiny window at the clouds, blinded by the warm morning sun. Matze Rossi sings “let the horzion be your home, you’re not trapped here” and a small tear rolls down my cheek. I’m sad. And happy. Full of confidence and devastated. Everything at once. My head is empty, because it’s probably overfull. I can’t hear myself think, too overwhelming are my feelings. First of all gratitude. Gratitude for all these moments and experiences with all of you, the honest conversations, the silent listening and the laughter, the possibility of completely beeing yourself that sadly falls into oblivion all too often. In such a short amount of time, you gave me a much better understanding of myself than I’ve ever had before and showed me that melancholy is something beautiful in itself. Nevertheless, I’ve searched in the wrong place for my whole life and persuaded myself that I’m a happy person and there’s no space fo any sadness or melancholy. But you let me recognize that shadows are equally part of me as light because there isn’t light without shadow likewise. I’m endlessly thankful for that and no matter what will happen in my life, you will for sure have a large share of everything and always a place in my heart. And so I’m sitting at home now, in front of my computer. Once again with tears in my eyes. And I don’t know if the feeling now is wanderlust or homesickness. Because I’d love nothing better than beeing in Rømø with all of you again, just to tell you how grateful I am and to hug you. You are unbelievably strong people and you deeply impressed me. Please continue your own ways, tear open doors and and pull down walls, silence all the negative people around you, make friends with the monsters in you and let the horizon be your home.”

At this point I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart: Björn, Sergej, Sarah (your vegan food was amazing), Rebecca and Flo (our amazing bridal couple), the other Björn, Danny, Debby, Evelyn, Jasmin, Jessy, Katja, Laura, Michael, Nico, Nicole, Sabrina, Sebastian and Stefanie. You guys are something very special and you all have a place in my heart. Thank you for everything. See you soon!