The story of this engagement session in Brighton started a couple of months ago, when Janine and Sandro asked me to shoot their wedding this year. Unfortunately I couldn’t because I was already booked. What’s more, Janine is studying in Brighton whereas Sandro is working here around the corner which is quite a distance. But, and this is the cool thing about the story, Sandro visited Janine for a weekend and as you can probably imagine it was exactly the weekend where I was in that area. Actually I was in London together with my other half, but going to Brighton a bit earlier as planned (you will see why in a few days) wasn’t a problem at all. For me, this was another tiny proof of destiny and so we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon full of laughter, fun and happiness. Their love and joy was truly infectious and I really hope that you can see it in the photos. At least I have a smile on my face while looking at them.