Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer

The only thing that really matters is your favorite person

It was five in the morning and I didn’t know if I was awake or just dreaming. Standing in the middle of never ending forests with millions of trees, alone, softly touched by the warm morning sun and surrounded with everything nature holds for us, I was in paradise. Stunned by the beauty of nature and this extraordinary atmosphere, I left my camera behind and simply savored the moment while inhaling as much of it as I could.

Later that day and back in my apartment, I started to realize what a special moment this was and even tough I was fine with having not even ten photos of it, I felt the need to share it with other people. So I broke the first rule of my trip to Australia; not to do any couple shoots. Super spontaneously, Bethany and Jordan reached out to me and we met the same evening. And as soon as we met, the breathtaking place around us seemed to become dispensable and disappeared little by little. The only thing that mattered, were these two beautiful human beings and their love for each other.

Meeting back in school, they’ve preserved a certain ease and loose approach to life and love. And while being adults with lots of duties and responsibilities, there are still two kind of inner kids in them who just want to fool around and have fun in this otherwise all too serious world. It was truly inspiring to spend a whole evening with these two warmhearted souls who prove that sometimes the only thing you really need in life is your favorite person. And while writing these words, this little text from over a year ago comes into my mind:

I think relationships in general are over romanticized and hardly any couple can satisfy all the social claims arisen from movies and any abstract ideas. And I mean, why should they? Because at the end of the day I’m pretty sure, a good relationship is just two people who know how to hang out and talk to each other. Two people who are having an awesome time together and are game for anything. Two people laughing, buggering around and being silly from time to time. And two people who would be able to sit in a little sandbox forever with nothing else but themselves. And their love.


Couple in the Blue Mountains from above

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Dark and moody engagement photos

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Wedding Photographer Blue Mountains

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Dark and moody couple shoot in Australia

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A quiet moment during a couple session in Australia

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